Essential Tips for Proper Hair Care on Vacation

When your hair gets all caught up in your eyes glasses, its pretty annoying. Well, unless of course you fused your hair with a bio-resin that allows you to turn it into a pair of functioning eyeglass like these guys did. No, the glassy part is not made out of human hair, that would just be silly.

Untitled-1“Yeah man, I swear I can see better through my hair”

Azusa Murakami and Alexander Groves are not silly at all. They see the world’s human population as a massive hair farm. To them, every person is just a shrub of talking hair, and they want so badly to harvest it, mix it with stuff, and make it into other things. It sounds weird because it is, well, kind of weird. But they have good intentions – they want the world to use hair-plastic in place of petroleum-based plastics, thus saving the environment with the unlimited power of hair.

The resin used in the frame of the glasses are plant-based, and no harmful substances are released during the creation process, and they are 100 perfect biodegradable! So next time you come in for a cut, feel free to take home everything we cut off, and you can get it made into whatever you want! We will even let you hang out at the salon and sweep up all the hair for free!

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