Essential Tips for Proper Hair Care on Vacation

Is it possible to grow curly hair just by adjusting your diet? No. Scientifically the very idea is as ridiculous as it is impossible. Hair color and the natural way hair grows is as fixed in our genes as our eye color is. However, it is possible to make hair healthier through diet. Moreover, stronger, naturally healthier hair is much more resistant to heat based styling.

First though, it is important to appreciate the human body holistically. Our hair after all, isn’t a separate part of us. Rather, healthy hair grows from a healthy scalp and a healthy scalp comes about via ultimately healthy skin and circulation. – This and the right balance of essential vitamins, minerals and fatty acids.


Organic Quark Cheese

This being the case, there is no better food to start with when discussing how to achieve healthier skin and hair than with organic quark cheese. A popular German and Austrian breakfast food for the particularly health conscious, organic quark cheese is often also used as a healthy, low fat substitute for sour cream and soft cheeses all around the world. However, organic quark cheese isn’t just low in fat. Recommended for pregnant women, athletes and vegetarians, quark is packed full of protein and is a rich source of B-complex vitamins, essential fatty acids, magnesium, zinc, calcium and pantothenic acid.

Why is all that important? Well, as well as all the above being fantastic for people’s skin, hair and in general well-being, a lot of nutrients like zinc and complex B-vitamins are actually fat soluble. This means that they only get into our bloodstream in the first place after being dissolved in and carried by essential fatty acids through our gut wall. This being the case, organic quark cheese is essentially a nutritional heavy goods wagon of overall better well-being.


Brazil Nuts

Selenium in the mean time, is the trace mineral that should be every girl’s best friend. As well as killing off nasty scalp fungal infections, selenium boosts hair growth, fights dandruff and is capable of utilizing nutrients and protein to visibly strengthen hair. Best of all Brazil nuts are the nutritional equivalent of selenium hand grenades. This being the case, throw some crushed Brazil nuts into your breakfast quark each morning and you will have stronger, healthier looking skin and hair in next to no time.



Lastly, if you’re determined to achieve stronger, healthier, hair the humble egg is probably the easiest and best form of biological protein out there. Bursting with healthy hair promoting biotin and vitamin B-12, the best part about eggs is that unlike with some other foods, how you prepare them for consumption doesn’t make a difference to how rich in nutrients they are.


Of course, when you style your hair you inevitably risk damaging it to some degree. However, at least with the super-foods detailed above you’re essentially helping mitigate that damage from the inside out and the follicle upwards.



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