Good luck! From the sky (Right?)

I’ve heard of many crazy things that people put on their faces, but to put something that came out of a bird’s bottom is straight up crazy.

I’ve heard of many crazy things that people put on their faces, but to put something that came out of a bird’s bottom is straight up crazy.

It’s sort-of understood that the Japanese may have some strange beauty products, many geisha and kabuki dancers smear this face mask on their faces. It could be a natural way of smoothing and brightening up your skin. But today we’re going to share something a little on the more interesting side of these beauty products.  Something that came out of a bird.

Really? maybe. It’s not your cup of tea and I don’t blame you, but celebrity Victoria Beckham has been known to use this bird poop face mask. To you and me, it may sound odd… or even a little gross. However we should keep an open mind.  When Kim Kardashian once did a face mask that involved her own blood we got through it, maybe we subconsciously forgive blood drinking because we love vampires in 2010’s.  And Kim’s a vampire who never ages. Think about it. Or maybe Kim Kardashian is also using this bird poop mask and the blood story is a hoax!

There must be something to this face mask. Have you seen Victoria Beckham lately? she’s gorgeous! The contents of this face mask include bird poop from the Japanese bush warbler.  The poop is dried, beaten, sanitized using things like ultraviolet light and finally the product is combined with essential oils. The face mask is high in nitrogen from the droppings, and that draws out the bacteria in your face and removes dead skin. From a science perspective, it’s science! Who would of thought putting bird poop on your face could be such a topic.

I never really wanted to look like a geisha girl, but if it’s good enough for Victoria Beckham it is good enough for me. I’m going to have a coffee then go get me some good luck.

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