The Most Expensive Razor in The World

To get a good close shave, you could be looking at spending about $20 or $40, depending on what razor and shaving cream you buy. If you really wanted to, you could buy disposable razors and use dollar store soap to get a shave for a couple bucks.

Or you know, you could spend hundreds of thousands of dollars like the people who bought a Zafiro Iridium Razor. But if you are a relatively sane, non-hyper rich person, and you shelled out about $40 to get a decent razor, you probably ended up with one that has like 8 blades or something. As everyone knows, more is always better.


many blades
Now with 75 blades!

If you buy the Zafiro Razor, you will no longer have to concern yourself with such peasant issues as how many blades are on your razor. No, your new blades will be made out of pure sapphire. Oh, and the handle is made out of pure iridium, which is the rarest element on Earthbecause it is only found in meteorites. Since they only made 99 of these bad boys, if you buy one, you will be one of 99 people on this earth that can say they shave their side burns with ancient meteorites and rare gems.

The sapphire blades are 5000 times thinner than a strand of hair, which we’re guessing makes them pretty sharp. Also, because your razor blades are actually rare gems, they will dull very, very slowly. Even if the blades do dull, you can get them sharpened absolutely free! But first you have to buy it for $100,000.


sapphire blades 2
After 20 years, you can buy replacement blades for the reasonable price of your first born child.


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