Essential Tips for Proper Hair Care on Vacation

If you want a hair appointment with a professional hair stylist, you can sometimes be looking at dropping a few hundred bucks. Which is not really a surprise, seeing as how the price for most professional services end up in the triple digits, even if the appointment only lasts an hour or so.

But as with everything, there is an elite option. The elite option for hair appointments is found at Stuart Phillips Hair Salon in London. This isn’t some walk-in salon, you have to book hair appointments months in advance (to get a haircut from Stuart Phillips himself), and most of his clients are celebrities or hyper-rich elites who fly to London for a day, just to get their hair done. We live in a strange world.

need a shave

“Hm, I better book my flight to Madagascar tonight. I need a shave.”

You don’t just make a hair appointment at Stuart Phillips, you purchase a hair vacation. The Diamond Package cost about 20,000 pounds, or about $34,000 Canadian. The package includes a limo ride from your house to the airport, a first class flight to London, limo ride to a golden 37 star hotel, a champagne lunch you presumably eat out of diamond bowls, 2 days in London with a professional chef and translator, and a ride back to your home in a spaceship piloted by Morgan Freeman.


hair cut

Oh, and a haircut or whatever.

If you are like most of the people in the world and the Diamond Package is a tad expensive for you, you could always book the slightly less insane but still absurd Gold Package for about $10,000. For this package, Stuart Phillips will still do your hair, and you get a limo ride to your hotel, and Stuart Phillips himself will escort you to his salon. That’s right, you get to hang out with Stuart Phillips for a little while, and someone may even notice.

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