Donate New PJ’s for 10% Off Salon Product (Until Dec.22)

The WIN house is a project to help women and children escape from violent homes. They recently had 3 buildings in operation, and housed, cared for, and protected over 400 women and almost 600 children over the course of 2013 from abusive relationships. However, last year they had to close their 3rd location for lack of resources. Which is tragic, and probably your fault because you never donated anything.

Pictured: You.

Well this is your chance to change that, and get on Santa’s Nice list! Every year, the WIN house publishes a wish list on their website for certain materials that they are lacking. This year, among other things, they humbly ask for some PJ’s.

Dollhouse Salon is stepping up to plate, and they are going donate as many PJ’s as they can get their hands on. Dollhouse is going donate so many PJ’s that WIN house is going to be able to rebuild their 3rd location entirely out of flannel.

This year, give the gift of compassion by stuffing your new pajamas in a garbage bag and throwing them (lovingly) at Christina. If you have children or siblings, steal their pajamas too and trade them in for 10% product discount. Not only will you save cash, but you will feel good about yourself for saving the world, one pajama at a time.

we need your pajamas

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