Dollhouse Hair Boutique Advice: What to do when you don’t like your new hair colour.

At least once in their lives, most people colour their hair. Usually though it happens quite often! We love to change our hair and experiment with styles and shades, but sometimes we go a little too far, a little too short – or worse – a little too dark (yikes!) This post will cover some do’s when you’re going back from black (or brown, or red!) or just going lighter and brighter!

DO go to a salon if you want your hair stripped.  
Hair is sensitive and fragile, especially if it it coloured frequently. Home bleach kits and stripping kits may be cheaper and will work in a pinch, but they may also cause a lot more damage. Sometimes it’s good to leave it to the professionals to ensure that your hair is being treated as gently as possible. Give Dollhouse Hair Boutique a call today to inquire about hair stripping.
DO act quickly!
If you’ve just coloured your hair and realised you hate it – it will be easier to lift the colour if it’s within 48 hours. Typically it takes a couple of days for dyes to settle deep within hair follicles. The faster you deal with the dyetrastrophy, the easier it will be to fix it.

DO try fading it at home.
You can try to get the colour to fade (if it is too dark) with clarifying shampoos or Head and Shoulders! These types of shampoos help to remove anything coating the hair shaft – and this includes excess dye. This is also something to try as soon as possible (hopefully within a few days of colouring).

DO try natural ingredients on virgin hair.
If you’ve never coloured your hair before but want it to be lighter in colour and don’t necessarily want to take the plunge into actual dyes or bleaches, try spritzing your hair once a day with a 1:1 ratio of lemon juice and water, or hydrogen peroxide and water and blow drying for 30 minutes to build a subtle highlighted effect. You can also try out semi-permanent or henna hair dyes to test the waters.

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