Disturbing Beauty Treatments – Vampire Face-Lift

As you may already know, becoming a vampire can drastically improve your complexion. By sucking the fresh blood out of young and attractive victims, you will absorb their beauty, live
forever, and be able to fly or something.

Well, there is a new kind of cosmetic procedure that allows you to keep the benefits of being a vampire, with none of the negative side effects.


vampire eating garlic toast

You can look good AND eat garlic toast.

Yes, this cosmetic procedure involves blood, and yes, you inject the blood directly into your face. There really isn’t any health benefits to taking blood from one part of your body and injecting it into another, but apparently it makes you look cool.

It does not involve any acids, fats, or chemicals, but it does involve a injecting you with a “mixture of blood products”, and the main ingredient is your own blood. So basically, they extract some of your blood, mix it with some cosmetic goop, and then inject it back into you. Even though its called the Vampire Face-lift, you don’t actually steal blood from the young and innocent and inject it into your face.


good looking girl thumbs up

But you will look so good, people will think you did!

The effects of the procedure will last about 15 months before you have to feed again, er we mean, get another appointment.

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