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Thought to have been pioneered by US Ivy league rowers and football players, the short back and sides and what has latterly became commonly known as the ‘crew cut’ is a timeless fashion staple in men’s hairstyling.

However, shaved, short sided cuts are becoming increasingly popular for women also. Once the  eclectic fashion preserve of aspiring female punk rock singers, short back and sided cuts for women have recently came to embody everything from board room sophistication to uber feminine asymmetrical bob and pixie cuts.

All that said, a shaved short sided cut isn’t something to go into on a whim or if you are the least bit faint hearted. In fact, for women thinking about going in for a shaved side hair style, it’s important to think carefully about the possible after effects. You are after all, about to have what is essentially your whole face shape change for you. Have a great style and a killer stylist who you can trust? Great, but still be prepared to be shocked by how prominently your ears suddenly feature once you’ve been equipped with your new style..

Sound scary? A short sided cut doesn’t have to be. In fact, short sided women’s cuts are fast becoming the epitome of chic, cutting edge hair design. However, for women who have traditionally supported longer styles throughout their lives, the wrong shaved side cut can quickly turn into a month or so long self consciousness nightmare.

Top Tips For Shaved Sided Cuts


  • Sure it’s making rounds as the celebrity haircut of the moment, but before opting for a shaved sided cut think carefully about how you yourself are going to be able to wear and maintain it when doing real life things like the school run. A shaved sided cut doesn’t after all, have to be bold to make a statement about your style. Rather, shaved sided cuts can also be much more subtle and architectural. As a rule, try then to aim for shaved sides which leave up to an inch of hair in place before going any shorter with a second cut. However, if in doubt talk to your stylist and ask for their honest opinion about what kind of shaved side style will suit your head shape and in-general look. Then have them help you pick a style which isn’t going to be too time or product demanding to maintain day to day.
  •  Secondly, how low are you prepared to go on top? One of the great things about a shaved sided cut which leaves you ample hair to play with on your crown is that in most cases you can still part your hair to cover your shaved sides and make growing your hair back out a little easier.
  •  Lastly, have fun. A shaved sided cut is often a brand new and ultimately exciting new step in your relationship with your hair. This being the case, exercise caution when first approaching a shaved side style, but once you’re confident with your new style and have a better idea of what best suits your particular head shape, make it your new prerogative to experiment even further. One of the great things about a shaved side look after all, is that the cut is infinitely customizable. Opted for a shorter style on top to accompany your shaved sides? Think about growing the top out a little and opting to have just one side shaved next time.


Whatever you do though, just remember the most important thing. This being that your hair is yours and ultimately it’s yours to have fun with no matter how you choose to style it.

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