Battling Bed Head


If you’re like many of us, you love sleep. Maybe so much so that you want to soak up every last minute of it and spare as little time as possible on your morning routine. But one tragedy that can throw a wrench into the mix is the dreaded bed head. Here’s our best tips for how you can avoid that frizzy morning fro.

1. Don’t sleep on wet hair

If you’re a fan of showering at night then plan to dry your hair before climbing into the sheets.

Wet hair is more likely to break and get split ends so tossing around on it all night can leave you with damaged hair that is also likely to be sticking up in some strange directions come morning.

If you have time, air drying is the best way to go. If you do need to blow dry your hair, use your favorite hair oil or heat protectant to keep your hair strong and healthy.

2. Put your hair up

To avoid tousling your hair all night, put it up in a bun or braid it to the side. For a bun, try to arrange it on the top of your head and secure it with some bobby pins. For a braid, pull your hair to one side (or do one braid on each side of your head) so that you aren’t sleeping on a “lumpy” head. If your hair is too short to put up, try using a wrap or bandana.

3. Bring on the humidity!

Humidity may not seem like your hair’s best friend sometimes. I’m sure a few of us have gone on vacation in a humid climate and seen our hair miraculously triple in size to something that would frighten children. However, a humidifier in your bedroom is not going to produce

Caribbean-levels of humidity. It will, however, keep your hair moisturized and help combat the drying effects of heaters and air conditioners.

4. Slip into silk

Those smooth, velvety silk sheets aren’t there just to make your bed look inviting (although they do!). While flannel and cotton sheets can create hair damage (from all that friction), the slickness of silk sheets help to reduce frizz and smooth your hair.

5. Brush it out

To avoid waking up to a rat’s nest of hair (as my mother always called mine), it is crucial to brush out and untangle your hair before getting into bed. If your happens to be wet still, use a comb or even your fingers instead of a large brush, which can damage hair while it’s in its weaker, damp state.

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