Bald and Beautiful

Being a bold, bald man is a matter of confidence. Confidence exudes sex-appeal. Therefore, it’s a well-known fact that bald men are sexy.

The bald man does what most only think of doing; they embrace the character and confidence it takes to do something daring. Something adventurous. And while being bald is quite low-maintenance, there are a few things you should keep in mind before considering the look of the handsome chrome dome.

Letting Go

Coming to terms with your receding hairline is a big deal.

Just keep in mind that taking the plunge and going bald is much sexier than trying to salvage what little hair is left on your head. It takes strength and character to be real. And when you are upfront with your bald self, this character and strength is what actually makes you confident, and that confidence is what makes you attractive in the eyes of others.

Take it All Off!

So you’ve decided that you have what it takes to be a man of the big, bad, bald world. It’s time to remove what little hair you have left and move on. Be real.

When you’re a bald man, people take note. It’s easier to notice your other attractive assets: your gorgeous eyes, dark long eyelashes, or beautiful, straight teeth!

Look at some of Hollywood’s hottest actors: Vin Diesel, Bruce Willis, Shemar Moore, just to name a few. They all look great bald and their lack of hair actually seems to exude an air of manliness. Do you really think that it’s a by chance that there are so many Hollywood action heroes known for their titanium craniums?

Smooth Operator

So how does one go about being bald? In order to keep your scraped grape looking its best, you’ll need to maintain regular upkeep. This includes keeping it smooth and shine free.

Shaving your head is similar to shaving any part of your body; it’s all a matter of utilizing the right equipment, the proper approach and a little patience.

First: If you still have some hair left, cut it to the shortest length possible before you shave. Use clippers to trim the hair first. This will save you a lot of time and frustration from making a mess of your hair when you actually start to shave.

Second: The tools required to shave your head is the same as you’d use to shave your face, chest, or even your manly parts. This includes shaving cream, a good razor and aftershave balm. The better the razor, the better your shave job will be, and you’ll be able to shave it in fewer strokes.

After-Care: The tiny hairs on your head require care, since oil and dirt can still build up. Shampoo and a moisturizing conditioner are important parts of maintaining your bald base. There are also many types of bald balm and moisturizers out there to keep your head hydrated and smooth.

Something you may not even think about is keeping your head safe-guarded from sun damage in the warmer months and frostbit in the colder times of the year. Whether you have hair or not, this is always important. In this case, being bald means less insulation on the top of your head. Remember the sunscreen to cover your head, ears and neck, and wear a hat to protect your noggin. Even on cloudy days, it’s good to keep your head protected from the elements.

The idea of being bald is bold-faced way to show that you’re a man of distinction. It’s hip, it’s sexy and it’s a great way to get attention. In fact, did you know that it’s considered good luck to rub a bald man’s head?

Just something to keep in mind.

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  1. My man is GORGEOUS as a bald man — to be totally honest, after seeing pictures of him with hair, I don’t think I would have ever talked to him! Totally sexy!! <3 <3 <3

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