Essential Tips for Proper Hair Care on Vacation

All That Jazz

Some days, your hair falls flat. Or it frizzes. Or it just won’t do anything right. Everyone is prone to having those plain, no good, horrible, bad hair days!

Hair accessories are a fashionable way to save the day; where adding some flair to your hair is all it takes to dress up those tresses!

Consider an elegant metal clip to pull your hair up to the side. Add a flashy bobby pin to a spice up a simple bun or a plain pony tail. Whatever your hair colour, there’s always a way to add some style to your strands.

Do It Yourself

Pinterest is an amazing source for everything DIY. If you are more of a shopper than a crafter, Etsy is also a fun website to peruse.

From headbands for kids to pretty hair pins, there are some really easy ways to create a look that’s all your own. Check out your local craft shop or dollar store; both are full of creative little knick knacks that are perfect for designing your very own unique hair accessories:

  • Fake flowers attached to metal clips or hair bands. (Colourful daisies are popular flowers to use!)
  • Small, fake sunflowers fastened to clips make for great hair barrettes.
  • Sprinkle some glitter on hair combs for a sparkly effect.
  • Fasten butterfly decorations from the craft section to combs, pins or clips.

If you’re looking for a bold but subtle way to make your tresses stand out, inexpensive hair extensions can add dimension and interest to your hair – blue, green, yellow, red, purple and pink shades can be clipped into the hair as one uniform tone, or you can utilize them throughout the hair to create a rainbow of colour.

Work It

In general, the amount of glitz and glamour you want to show off is a matter of personal preference. Whatever your inclination, remember that wearing your hair accessories with confidence is always in style!

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