Essential Tips for Proper Hair Care on Vacation

As with any sort of trend, male grooming preferences tend to change over time. Whether they’re following the latest styles from the runway, copying A-List celebrity styles, or unconsciously following the crowd, trends just kind of… happen. While Edmontonian men aren’t exactly known for their style prowess, many urban guys are making the transition and expressing themselves with their grooming habits.

Here are a few trends that may not be a huge news flash, are on the rise again:



The lumberjack/urban hipster trend was huge in 2016 and has transitioned over to 2016. Older men will be sporting fuller facial hair this year, while younger dudes who may not have gone razor-less yet may start growing out their scruff. More and more men are simply realizing they like the look and very little upkeep of fuller facial hair. Talking to guys around the shop, barbers have said that roughly 50% of men who have participated in the yearly Movember challenge (to raise awareness for prostate and testicular cancer) now keep their facial hair. To keep this look fresh be sure to condition your face grizzle in the shower, along with combing it out and trimming it up around the lips and under the jawline allowing the rest of the beard to grow wild while still looking professional.


pompadour2016THE POMPADOUR

A hugely popular style last year — this year’s pomp finds men experimenting with this lofty style. From blown dry, to create loose and waxy texture, to product laden, slicked back locks. Generally the pompadour is seen accompanied by a fade, either high or low. This style is ideal for most hair and face types, although styling it “just-so” with curly tangles may be a challenge.

HARD PARThard-part

A hard part — also known as a permanent part — is when your barber or stylist shaves or razors the part into the hair fully, making it easier to style first thing in the AM without the hassle of searching for & creating a really straight part in the hair. Gaining in popularity, the hard part can be worn by men from all different walks of life, and different styles can easily be accomplished simply by changing the length of the hair on the sides or on the top.

man-bunMAN BUNS

Yeah, we all thought that man buns were just a quick flash in the pan, but they may be here for good. With A-list celebs like Jared Leto popularizing the trend, man buns are a fun way to change up the look of medium and longer length hair instantly. This trend is being seen more and more in urban metro areas by confident and carefree gents. If you’re considering jumping on the bandwagon with this one just make sure to shampoo and condition regularly, and try to get in to Dollhouse|Barber Blonde every six weeks or so to keep that hair healthy.


SPA TREATMENTSElevated view of a young man getting a facial

They’re not just for the gals! 2015 started seeing an influx of men starting to really enjoy and appreciate the process of, and after-effects of spa treatments. Manicures and pedicures (sometimes known to the men folk as hand and foot detailing) have been growing in popularity for the past few years. Guys are also starting to get more facials and massages, along with the shaping and trimming of eyebrows. With shows like Mad Men showcasing the perfectly groomed male, the request for male grooming and spa treatment services is in the grow in Edmonton.



So what do you think about the growing trends for 2016?

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