3 Ways to Help Grow Your Hair Faster

There are a variety of reasons why you might want you hair to grow a bit faster. Maybe you were the victim of college prank, and someone shaved half of your head while you took nap after a night of drinking too much apple juice, or maybe your hairdresser played a nasty trick on you because you never leave a tip, or maybe your homemade hair dye didn’t turn out the way you wanted. Whatever the case, here are 6 different ways you can get your hair growing as fast as possible.

1. Eat protein, lots of protein

Protein is good for you, in fact, according to this article here, you really can’t overdose on protein. Healthy sources of protein include all sorts of foods like meat, beans, eggs and soy. So if your friends or family ask why you are on your fifth helping of burgers and beans, just tell them you are growing your hair faster.

As an added bonus, other parts of your body will grow faster.


Hair is made out of a protein called keratin, and in order to grow more of that protein, you’re going to need more protein!

2. Iron and Zinc

Your hair is also made out of iron and zinc, and your body needs sufficient amount to help grow as fast as it can. We strongly discourage you from chewing on hunks of iron, but there are some foods that have higher concentrations of these metals. There are lots of non-vegetarian and vegetarian sources of iron and zinc.


There are also many non-food sources of iron and zinc, but don’t eat those.

3. Eat Fat

There are so many products these days that advertise that they “contain no fat!” But these days, it isn’t always fat that makes you fat, it’s usually sugar. So forget those products fatless products and eat fat. Fat is essential for healthy hair growth, and its also essential for your overall health. We don’t recommend eating a ball of fat because that would be chewy and gross, but don’t shy away from fatty foods if you want fat locks.

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