Benefits of Using Sulfate-Free Hair Products


1) Soy Sauce

You might know that human hair is made out of many different things, such as amino acids and rich in protein. Well, a chinese company has controversially started using those delicious ingredients to make soy sauce out of piles of human hair. The company did get in quite a bit of trouble because well, the public isn’t really sure if they want to eat hair.


It’s pretty and everything, but we are going to stick with nachos.


The company was found to be distilling human hair is giant vats of chemicals that would extract the amino acids from the hair. They would use the amino acids as the basic ingredients to make soy sauce, and yes, they would sell it to unsuspecting consumers who would happily drink it, and were probably assuming it was not made from some guy’s back hair.


Human hair is also rich in protein, so it matches the raw ingredients for the production of soy sauce. We are not exactly sure what the laws are for using human parts for making food products, but we are pretty sure it is illegal, and we are absolutely certain that it is gross.


2) A Hair salon Chair

Apparently, crazy people have been trying to transform hair into all sorts of different things. One particular hairstylist named Ronald Thompson took it upon himself to figure out how to not throw out hair clippings any more  At the same time, Ronald also needed a new chair for his salon. So, Ronald did exactly what any reasonable man would do –  make a chair out of hair from the garbage.

Ronald took about 5 pounds of hair clippings from his salon, mixed it with a hard resin, and made the world’s first ever hair salon chair made mostly out of human hair.  Ronald loved hair so much he wanted to keep it forever.


Just how everyone keeps their favourite things- encased in a hard synthetic resin.
Just how everyone keeps their favourite things – encased in a hard synthetic resin.

Salons all over the world throw tons of hair in the garbage everyday. In fact, in the source website, he says that in the UK alone over 220,000 tons of hair are thrown out each year. That’s over 44 thousand chairs worth! And Ronald, being resourceful and somewhat bonkers, wants to turn that hair waste into weird things. Ronald wants the world to stop wasting our precious locks; He wants to live in a world in which all products are made from renewable resources, a world where people obsessively keep all their hair clippings in large duffel bags and try to sell you the weird things that they made of out it.


3) Eye Glasses

When your hair gets all caught up in your eyes glasses, its pretty annoying. Well, unless of course you fused your hair with a bio-resin that allows you to turn it into a pair of functioning eyeglass like these guys did. No, the glassy part is not made out of human hair, that would just be silly.


“Yeah man, I swear I can see better through my hair”


Azusa Murakami and Alexander Groves are not silly at all. They see the world’s human population as a massive hair farm. To them, every person is just a shrub of talking hair, and they want so badly to harvest it, mix it with stuff, and make it into other things. It sounds weird because it is, well, kind of weird. But they have good intentions – they want the world to use hair-plastic in place of petroleum-based plastics, thus saving the environment with the unlimited power of hair.

The resin used in the frame of the glasses are plant-based, and no harmful substances are released during the creation process, and they are 100 perfect biodegradable! So next time you come in for a cut, feel free to take home everything we cut off, and you can get it made into whatever you want! We will even let you hang out at the salon and sweep up all the hair for free!

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