Essential Tips for Proper Hair Care on Vacation

When the time comes for a new haircut, you might want to try something a little different than usual, while also flattering your face shape and emphasizing the facial features. This blog details three different Barber shop cuts that will help you stand out from the crowd and completely transform your look.

  1. The Angular Fringe

With the angular fringe, the hair will be long at the top and trimmed to an angle; it is tapered at the back and both sides of the head. Hair stylists often recommend this style for people that have a round face, as the cut can have a slimming, lengthening effect, and give the face a more angular appearance, which is why it is sometimes favoured by male models.

  1. The Caesar

As you might have guessed, this haircut gets its name from Julius Caesar. With this style, the hair will be cut short across the whole head, and the fringe will be cut short as well.

This cut is popular with people that want a low maintenance haircut; just some light gel or wax is enough to style it, and it doesn’t take long to wash or dry.

The style is often suggested for men with curly hair and for men that want to emulate some of the top actors such as Russell Crowe, who has been known to favour this style.

  1. The Side Part Pompadour

This cut will certainly get you noticed! This hairstyle is considered a classic; it dates back to the 50s, and its versatility meaning it can be used to create a great number of looks.

The cut is well suited to most face shapes and will not seem out of place on any man, no matter their age; styling is quick and easy, too.

Elvis Presley is one famous face that was known for opting for the side part pompadour.

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