Essential Tips for Proper Hair Care on Vacation

We have talked before about some crazy things people have made out of human hair, but here are some tried and true methods of using human hair that could actually be useful if you knew what you were doing, and you are also the kind of person weird enough to make stuff out of hair.


1) Lady’s Coat Made of Human Hair

This dress was made in Vietnam, by a enthusiastic hairdresser named Kim Do, who loves to do hairdos (Sorry, we couldn’t resist). The hair in the dress was collected from 54 different people, and the total length of all the hair reached an unbelievable 1 million meters of hair. The hair was dyed and hand-sewn with a needle, and the designer apparently made a ‘dragon’ design on the front of the dress.


The mythical hairy muppet dragon.


Just in case this dress didn’t make you itchy enough, the designer also made a fancy hair-hat to go with it. Not only will this outfit keep you warm and hairy, but you can also easily pretend to be the sasquatch or something.


2) Ropes Made out of Human Hair

You might have guessed that you could make a rope out of human hair. But we bet you didn’t know that the ancient Egyptians used hair-rope to move massive stones and build their incredible monuments. We never would have guessed it, but hair is absurdly powerful for being so wispy and beautiful.


Touch my hair, and it will destroy you.


Just imagine making a rope out of human hair. You are probably picturing a haphazard tangled mess, but ropes like these were made with incredible precision and were massive – one rope weighed nearly two tons. According to the source, the hair used in the ropes were donated by female worshipers, because obviously, nobody wants ropes made from some dude’s greasy hair.



So if you are ever in a situation where you are in dire need of a rope, just frantically pull out all your hair, tie it together, and boom, your in rope town. Or something like that.


3) Hair as Home Insulation

Back in the day, people didn’t have fancy pink fiberglass insulation. So, when they were building their home and they needed some insulation, they just went ahead and jammed some hair in there. Obviously, it would be hard to acquire that much human hair. But, back then they had horses instead of cars, so there was a lot of extra horse hair around town.


There was also lot of other horse byproducts that we won’t name.


According to this book, that goes into mind-numbing depth on the incredibly fascinating subject of horsehair, horsehair was used as a surprisingly effective insulating material for gloves, clothes, and homes in cold-climate cultures. At this time in history, people tried to cram as many animal parts as they could into their clothes.


Made with bull leather, horsehair insulation, and softened with the tears of bunnies.


Horsehair as insulation may sound crazy, but horsehair is a much more environmentally friendly material. It does not require factories to produce, does not need trucks to be transported because everyone had horses, and it is biodegradable. Also, it was pretty cheap, as in free.

So next time you are building a house and want to reduce your impact on the environment, just remember that horsehair makes great insulation. Or if your winter clothes aren’t warm enough, tape some horse hair to your head or stuff your clothes with it, and who knows, maybe you will start a horse hair trend, or maybe people will just call you the crazy horse lady. Whatever the case, your doing your part to save the environment so good for you.

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