2 Ridiculous Beliefs About Red Hair

Back in the medieval times, people believed some pretty messed up stuff. Here are two ridiculous things people used to believe about people with red hair.

1) People With Red Hair Are Vampires

You were pretty unlucky to have been born with red hair in medieval times, because pretty much everyone believed you were a vampire. Well not everyone, the people who didn’t think you were a vampire just thought you were a werewolf or a witch, and you didn’t want to be a witch back then.

The worst part is, your only magical power was boiling a pot of water.


2) The Blood of Red Headed Men Could Turn Copper Into Gold

It gets better too – what passed as scientists back then believed that if you combined the blood of a red haired man with the ashes of a basilisk, you could turn copper into gold. Were assuming they never actually tried this ‘method’ because they would’ve quickly discovered that they are in fact quite dumb.

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