2 More Hair Product Ingredients You Want to Avoid

Continuing on our theme of helping you achieve the healthiest experience with hair products, here are two more questionable ingredients you should try to avoid when selecting the goop you are going to rub on your head.

1) Ureas

You don’t even have to know what ureas are to know that you don’t want them in your hair. We couldn’t imagine a worse sounding ingredient unless it was called Pooeria. Ureas are synthetic compounds that have antimicrobial and antifungal properties. This chemical is also used in teeth whiteners, baked goods, and cigarettes.


Which is probably the healthiest chemical in a cigarette.


According to the American Dermatology Association, this ingredient is the most common cause of contact dermatitis, which sounds pretty itchy and generally uncomfortable. As a bonus, ureas emit formaldehyde when heated above 10 degrees. We don’t know exactly what formaldehyde does to you, but we’re pretty sure it’s not something you want to put on your cereal in the morning.


4) Pthalates

Pthalates are commonly known as “plasticizers”. So if you want to be plasticized, this is the ingredient you should look for. However, since most people function better when not made of plastic, this is generally something you want to try to avoid. It has been linked to cancer and some other unsavoury health-related ailments.


Now with birth defects!


Sadly, this ingredient is very difficult to avoid. It is pervasive among hair products around the world. The most unsettling thing is, manufactures are allowed to re-name the chemical in the ingredients list as the much nicer sounding “Fragrance”. That’s right, companies are legally allowed to disguise chemicals and just call it something else. We wonder why they don’t just call it Vitamin-P or something.

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