3 Funny Ways to Cover Up Baldness

For whatever reason, baldness is something people are terribly embarrassed of. Most people try desperately to cover their impending shiny round head with hats or comb-overs. Well, sometimes people want to do something else to cover their smooth noggin. So, the world invented things like…

1) Head Stickers

These “Tattoupees” are made for people who are interested in getting something less permanent than a tattoo, but are still aiming to slap something ridiculous on their shiny head. There is even one that resembles a comic-style speech bubble so you can write something in it.


“Why did I put this dumb sticker on my head”

The tin comes with 35 stickers. So, assuming you take a shower everyday, you’re going to need to buy a box every month. Unless, you know, you have a job or something, we’re pretty sure your employer wouldn’t appreciate coming into work with all sorts of random stickers on your head.

Buy It Here


2) Flair Hair Golf Visor

Want to go golfing with your best hair, but don’t actually have any? Want to smack little white balls into small holes, but don’t want to burn the top of your brain garage? Well, you are in luck! This dandy new visor can do all that and more!


As a bonus, it makes you smile like Goofy.

This fancy visor comes in a variety of colours and shades, so you can blend right in with the other rich and hairy people at the golf course.

Buy It Here

3) Head Tattoo


Hair tattoos are probably one of the best ways you can cover your shiny face roof – They are permanent, require zero maintenance, and look like a freshly shaved head.


But, when people rub it, they will know.

The only drawback with this procedure is that you have to remember to shave your head if you still have some areas that are growing hair up there. That is, unless you want to look like a crazed homeless man with frightening patches of hair growing everywhere.

Check It Out Here

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