Benefits of Using Sulfate-Free Hair Products

Beautiful blonde locks are something many of us strive for. With the help of professional stylists (have you heard of Dollhouse?), we can get that beautiful blonde shade we desire, however as soon as we leave the salon, nature starts fighting us. Things like water, the sun, and even the pollution in the air (can you believe it?) all have negative effects on our colour. Not only that but if your hair is overprocessed, maintaining your blonde can become a struggle. 

Don’t fret. We’ve got you.

Read the Labels

Buying a shampoo for your recently dyed hair? As a blonde, you want to avoid sulfates – the most common being SLS and SLES. These compounds yield big lathers when applied to your hair, and those lathers are bad news blondes. 

Keep the Heat Away

We aren’t talking about warm summer day heat, we’re talking about the blow dryer. Dying or lightening blonde hair involves the hair cuticle being stripped, and applying extra heat to these already vulnerable cuticles can dull your hair and leave it brittle. 

Protect it From the Sun

Just as your hair needs to stay away from intense heat, intense sun can be just as damaging. We know, it’s going to be beach season soon, and we can’t stop you from spending a day on the sand. If you can, though, bring a hat. The sun can dry out your hair and turn it into a brass or orange colour. If hats aren’t in the cards, check out a UV/heat protectant. 

Hydration is Key

The process of lightening your hair to blonde involves harsh chemical processes. When not properly cared for, your hair can dry out and become brittle. Hydration is your best friend to avoid these fallouts. A solid leave-in conditioner can be just what the doctor ordered, and a deep repair mask doesn’t hurt either. Be sure to make it a regular part of your routine though. Like brushing your teeth with whitening toothpaste, it’s not a one and done situation.

Learn Colour Theory Corresponding with your Color

We are all used to simple childhood colour theory. Add yellow to blue, you get green… and so on. What about when the process is reversed, though? What colour do you add to take away from another colour?

To prevent your blonde from changing to a brass or orange-ish colour, the best way to approach is to fight it with its opposite colour. Purple is the opposite of yellow (on the colour wheel), and when you add purple to your follicles, they filter out the yellows.  

To keep your blond beautiful, wash with purple shampoo once a week, then alternate shampoos throughout the week. Too much or too little can push you to an ashy or brassy look. You’ll find the right amount through trial and error.

If You Don’t Own Any Already, Buy Some Dry Shampoo

Dry shampoo is a lifesaver. Not only great in a pinch when you don’t have time to get in the shower before going out somewhere, but it’s your best friend after your hair is dyed. There’s a dry shampoo for every colour out there, but as a blonde, especially as it’s better to wash your hair less often when it is dyed, you need a bottle of dry shampoo in your washroom.

Talk to the Staff at Dollhouse!

Not sure how to care for your beautiful blonde hair? We got you. Talk to us directly by phone or shoot us an email with your questions. And always, if you want to go blonde, the staff at Dollhouse will make it happen!

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