Hair Styling Products and You – Clay!

Hair styling with clay

Clay – sounds like something used for your garden fountain in the backyard or in the pottery studio downstairs. Nope! It’s one of the most unique hair styling products and probably the least used as well. Hair clay has a very matte natural finish and is very workable, allowing you to style it all throughout the day.

Hair clay, or molding clay, is relatively new and true to its name, it does actually have clay in it. It may be new to the industry but it usually carries the biggest price tag. It will often be close to solid state or a very thick paste – all clays usually contain the main ingredient called bentonite, which is a clay.

It is most similar to wax, having all of the great characteristics of wax like giving your hair medium to medium loose hold but it does more! Bentonite has the ability of making hair follicles look and feel thicker and adds volume to all types of hair – you can even add in more volume if you use a blow dryer. Hair clays are great for all skin types and contains healing properties that help repair damaged hair and alleviate dryness to the scalp, which promotes hair growth.

The biggest difference between clay and every other hair styling product is your hair will look like you haven’t used any product in at all. It leaves a very matte and natural finish. They have a very subtle scent, often a clean or earthy smell. The application process is really easy and clean up is a breeze, washing out of your hair easily and no sticky residue left on your hands.

Clay is just as easy to use as any other hair product and you only have to use about fingertip worth of it. Put it in your palm and rub your hands together so you can generate some heat. Spread through your hair till you get the look you’re going for – start from your roots and work your way to the tip. For a firmer hold, use clay when your hair is damp.

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