Embrace your hair this winter! Dollhouse Hair Boutique


Prepare yourselves, hair lovers – winter is coming! With the winter, comes the dry, dull, and frizzy hair that nobody likes to deal with. Something about the cold makes our hair go crazy! Angry, static charged, crunchy hair is not something we’d wish on even our worst enemies – so this article from Dollhouse Hair Boutique covers some steps you can take to keep your locks lush and loving in this chilly season.

Keep it moisturized!
Treating and conditioning your hair is a first great step towards avoiding the dry brittle hair syndrome that many of us suffer from each fall and winter. You can choose from a variety of rich conditioners, as well as deep conditioning masks and oil massages (ooh!). Massaging your hair with coconut, olive, jojoba (and many other) oils can help restore the balance of nutrients naturally found in your hair and scalp.
Less shampoo and less heat!
Less will indeed be more this winter when it comes to washing and styling your hair. When you shampoo less it helps your scalp and hair replenish its natural oils. If you are prone to oily hair, try using a dry shampoo to refresh your style. It’s also important to try and limit the amount of excess heat your hair is subjected to. Lukewarm water with a cool rise, limiting blow dryer and flat iron use will will keep your hair’s moisture sealed in.

Limit chemical processing!
In the cold of winter, nobody likes dull and sad hair – so we are prone to colouring it. But, this can make your hair even more dry! Rather than going in for those winter highlights – why not try a glaze instead? Glazes are more gentle on hair and help bring out natural highlights and restore hair’s shine.

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