Don’t Have Grey Hair? Smoking Can Fix That For You


This isn’t just a myth, we aren’t just saying that smoking turns your hair grey because its bad for you and we want to promote being healthy. Early greying due to smoking has been proven in a scientific study in the British Medical Journal way back in 1996. Not just a little bit either, the numbers how that smokers are four times more likely to begin graying prematurely.


This man is only 23 years old.

So if you really dig the silver-fox look, grab a pack of smokes and you’ll be on your way. Or, just come on down to Dollhouse Hair Salon, and we can give you any colour hair you want. As an added bonus, you won’t have to inhale toxic smoke.

The interesting thing is that hair-scientists don’t really understand what causes your hair to stop producing colour pigment, so if you are asking why smoking turns your hair grey, the answer is nobody really knows.

But we are going to assume its not a sign that its good for you.


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  1. Hi there, my hair is dark brown/black and I got my hair bleached and toned wanting it to be grey-silver highlights. It turned out bronze-ash and not very happy about it. Are you able to fix it? Or do I have to wait for my hair to settle. Thank you!

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