3 Ways Your Hair Could Turn Green Without Dye

Normally, when your hair changes colour, you or your hairdresser had something to do with it.  Whatever the case, people usually know when their hair is about to turn green. That is, unless you happen to…


1) Swim in an over-chlorinated pool

Chlorine can do all sorts of crazy stuff, and by all sorts of stuff we mean it specifically does one thing – kills bacteria and other nasty little things our eyes can’t see. If you’ve ever been in a swimming pool, you know the smell of chlorine.


Ah, the smell of childhood joy and swimming with practically naked strangers.

If you happen to swim in a pool that is managed by a neurotic germaphobe who enjoys dumping one month’s supply of chlorine in the kiddie pool, don’t be alarmed when your hair spontaneously turns green. You will, however, be alarmed at your skin and eyes melting.


2) Have Copper Water Pipes

If you have ever worn a copper ring or bracelet, or even just held a copper thing for way too long, you might have noticed that you skin begins to turn green. To be honest, we don’t feel like researching why that happens. But, no matter what the cause is, we are going to assume that turning green is marginally unhealthy; and we feel like there is at least one doctor who would agree with us.


“Hmm, it appears that you have some kind of health issue”

Whatever it is about copper that makes your stuff turn green, it can be transferred through water. So, if you happen to have copper water pipes, those pipes can transfer that coppery goodness straight into your face, which has been scientifically proven to turn you into a green-headed forest nymph. (See above)


3) Get mercury poisoning

Getting mercury poisoning these days would be pretty difficult. You would pretty much have to eat a couple thermometers to get the undesired effect. However, back in the day, getting mercury poisoning was surprisingly easy, as it was praised as the cure-all for everything from chicken pox to old age in general. We wonder how “doctors’ justified using mercury as medicine.


“See here’s your problem; you’re made entirely out of flesh and bones. No mercury at all”

So if you ever find yourself wondering why you suddenly have green hair, you better pray that you just swam in some germaphobe’s pool, or that you have copper pipes, because mercury poisoning is not nearly as fun as it sounds.

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