Essential Tips for Proper Hair Care on Vacation

As the season changes, the weather cools, and the leaves change color, many people choose to change up their hair color as well. Sunny highlights and laid back ombre looks are cast aside in favour of darker, more automnal colours. This fall, there are some specific new hair trends that are taking over the fashion scene, and will soon be popular everywhere.



Casually undone roots are a fresh take on the ombre trend from a few seasons ago. The contrast between the slightly darker shade woven in with a lighter blonde, brown, or red creates dimension that gives the hair a fuller, more voluminous appearance. To keep the look from being too harsh, make sure that the roots don’t contrast too dramatically with your ends, and avoid having a straight line separating the two colours. This can be done by adding very subtle highlights throughout your hair after letting your natural colour grow out for a few weeks.



The next trend is a mix of brown and blonde tones, referred to by many celeb hairstylists as “bronde”. This colour still looks light and natural, but without the overly sunny feel of a bright blonde shade. By combining the depth of a light brown with the brightness of a mid-toned blonde, you get dimension and movement that catches the light in a very attractive way. This shade is extremely versatile and can go with any outfit, and will even take you all the way through winter and spring without looking overdone.



If you want something edgier, try a black with dark brown highlights scattered throughout the ends of the hair. There’s something about dark hair that looks just right with fall’s heavier clothing and deeper shades of makeup, but adding subtle highlights to the ends makes the colour more wearable for most skin tones. The highlights also make the hair look thicker and brighten up the face.



Reds are always trendy for fall, because they mirror the changing of the leaves outside, and are both bright and classic at the same time. This fall, it’s all about the lighter reds; coppers and auburns that have slight orange tones in them. These shades will really brighten up your face without looking overly intense or dramatic, and they are a perfect option for someone who has been thinking about experimenting with hair colour, but isn’t sure exactly what shade to go for. Reds do need to be touched up fairly frequently though, as they fade more quickly than other shades.



If you want a shade that is truly outside the box, go for a deep purple. Fun colours like these are becoming more and more popular with each season, and there’s never been a better time to try it out, especially for the younger crowd. Consult with your hairstylist to decide exactly what shade would look best and how much purple you want to add – some are just choosing to change up their ends, while others are going for a full head of purple. It’s completely a matter of personal taste.

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