Essential Tips for Proper Hair Care on Vacation

Eyebrows have a prominent presence on your face, and they are ‘the’ facial feature that can you can play with ever so often, to change your look. Eyebrows however declare to the world how well we take care of ourselves and unless you have all the time in the world to pick and pluck it often, constantly maintaining it can become quite a bother.

Whether you are too busy to groom it or have all the time in the world to fiddle with it and create like-sized dainty arches on either side of your forehead , it certainly isn’t an easy task to keep up with the sprouting of hair there. The perfect brow can quickly assume the proportions of a little bush if untended. Leave it alone for a couple of weeks, you will begin to adore your hair for not troubling you this often, after a haircut.

Eyebrow grooming is an art in itself, but the shape and thickness is believed to convey your personality. So, the next time you pick up those tweezers, think of what you may be telling the world about yourself.

Pencil thin eyebrows: This shape looks sad and artificial, it speaks of the person’s lack of confidence. It doesn’t flatter anyone. The only reasons you should adopt this style is if you accidentally messed up while shaping up your eyebrows or if you have to to dress up as Clara Bow, and display the emotions of a drama queen.

Naturally wiry and rounded eyebrows: These eyebrows have similar proportions from their base to the end and have little to no arch. They signify an easy going and friendly personality. These people are compassionate and care for others genuinely.

High-arched eyebrows: High-arches indicate the person is cautious and not very confident in their own abilities. It takes time and effort to maintain eyebrows in this shape, and so it indicates a personality that is driven by perfection. If you want people to assume you are a perfectionist, you know what style to adopt!

Thick but well-maintained eyebrows: Here’s a fun personality who jumps right into action and gets emotional in a jiffy. They may be a little unpredictable, but are capable and interesting to have around. When the eyebrows are shaped like a moon, with a clean upper line but wiry growth beneath, the person is open-minded and outgoing.

Now you know what your eyebrows speak!

Eyebrows have waxed and waned over the years, and the fashion has changed from no eyebrow to bushy eyebrows and more lately to being a platform for decoration with rings and studs.

If you are someone who’s had enough of its insolence and don’t really care for fashion, you could always shave it off like Mona Lisa did and carry off your brow-less style. As long as you don’t mind the stares, that is!

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