Essential Tips for Proper Hair Care on Vacation

It’s that time again, when pumpkin flavored everything is released and the leaves change color. Time to put away the summer attire and break out the leggings, long sweaters and UGGS. It’s also time to change up that summer hairstyle and go for a new hot fall look, but which style is right for you? Take a look at the following as see which looks to be your favorite style.

Pixies Can Be a Little Crazy
Pixies Can Be a Little Crazy

First off let’s take a look at those popular styles for all the ladies who are out there rocking the shorter look this fall. The layered pixie hair cut is making a huge way in the fall styles this year. This easy to maintain hair style fits right into any lifestyle, busy or calm. Adding color to your locks is also pretty popular this fall, try adding some light pink and purple to brighten your ordinary style.

Nothing says “laid back” more than the ponytail

Have a hair that is a bit longer or maybe you prefer to keep the length instead of cutting it all off; there are plenty of styles that are becoming popular for this fall. It seems that ponytails are popular among the celebrities this fall, whether they are a bouncing ponytail or a ponytail worn high on the head the style can be made elegant or casual with a little accessorizing.

Just don’t sit in front of a boy with a bottle of ink

Braids are also not just for small children anymore; as you look around I bet you have been seeing more and more grown women sporting the braids, both long and short and every length in between. Spice up the braid by adding in a silk scarf wrapped around your head and braided into your braid alongside your hair. Dazzle your braid up for an elegant evening out by adding a few crystal accents and you are ready to go.

Shhh, can’t you see this is a sexy library?

Bang, Bang, or shall we say bangs are quite the site this fall, they can add flair and edge to pretty much any type of hair style. Chose straight edges or choppy look, either way you are sure to turn some heads as you walk down the street with your bangs blowing in the breezes of fall.

Pull it down over your eyes for a cool Star Trek costume

Finish up any look with a headband or bobby pins because let’s face it those two hair styling tools never have and probably never will go out of style, with their versatility to wear headbands and bobby pins in an updo for a wedding or just for a day out shopping with the girls you can have endless options when styling your hair using these always popular tools.

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