Disturbing Hair Treatments – Pigeon Droppings


Back in Roman times, women did not have fancy chemicals to dye their hair with. So, they opted for the next best thing – pigeon poop.

These days, if a pigeon flew over you and dropped a wet blob of nasty right in your hair, you would probably scream, drop whatever you were doing, go home, wash your hair with boiling water, then complain about it on Facebook or something.


Status update: Today literally crapped on my head.

Unless of course you were a Roman woman who lived about 2000 years ago. If you were, you would thank the passer-by pigeon for its lovely turd, rub it deeper into your hair, and happily go about your day. You might even thank the gods for your good fortune.

Pigeon droppings can cause hair to become lighter and closer to blonde, but according to this article, it doesn’t stop at pigeon droppings. In order to get the blonde effect, you had to pour pee on your hair after rubbing in the pigeon droppings. We can’t imagine having to make a commercial for something like this.


“Do-it-yourself blonde! Looks great and the smell probably won’t kill you!”


You’re probably wondering how insane these ancient peoples would have to be to essentially dye their hair with sewage. But, as it turns out, people are just as insane as ever. Check out this modern, high-profile New York spa that will rub bird turd on your face for about $200. The salon says it helps smooth and soften your skin. Yeah, we would be saying that too if someone gave us $200 for flying rodent crap.


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  1. Thank God I didn’t live 2000 years ago! I wouldn’t be able to stand it having a pigeon poop and pee on my hair. I’m quite sensitive when it comes to bad-smelling stuffs so I’d rather stay in my black hair if there are no other options than to use this amazing pigeon’s gifts for women. There are lots of hair coloring products out there that are fairly safe to use so I don’t think that pigeon poop will be considered by many.

  2. I will not spend my money for such pigeon poop color treatment buy if I lived long time ago I might had considered using it. Anyway, I’m interested to know how a pigeon poop can do that in human hair. There should be scientific explanation on what are the chemical contents of the pigeon poop pee for it to be used for coloring. Are the poops of other birds can be use for hair too?

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