Not Ready to be a Silver Fox?


Grey hair might have had a resurgence of popularity, but it can still make you look older if it isn’t done right. So if you are more into removing the evidence than embracing it, let’s talk about how to keep your grey a secret.

First, why does hair turn grey at all? When new follicles grow, your hair relies on melanocytes to colour each strand with the appropriate colour, by injecting them with melanin. As you age, melanin production slows, and the result is grey or white hair. And, although no clear, direct link exists between stress and grey hair, stress may impact the activity of these melanocytes, and lead to premature greying. Watch presidents and political leaders at the beginning of their terms compared to the end of their terms to see what I mean.

Grey hairs also have thinner cuticles than pigmented hairs, making them more susceptible to damage. This often makes grey hair coarse, kinky and unruly.

So what can you do about the grey that you don’t want?

  1. You can go for some nice highlights around your crown, your part, and the sides, especially highlights in the blond family, to camouflage the grey. It’s easier to maintain, and looks more natural if you aren’t vigilant about upkeep.
  2. You can have your colorist tint your individual grey strands if you only have a few, and have them match your natural hair colour. This is a low maintenance option, because it doesn’t look obvious when the roots begin to grow out.
  3. Obviously, you can also dye your whole head whatever colour you choose. Most semi or demi-permanent hair dyes will suffice if you have minimal greying areas; permanent hair dye might be a better option for significantly greying hair.

Of course, at some point, you might want to reassess your colouring when grey becomes more prominent, and embrace the look. But until then, you can keep your grey hair under wraps with a  visit to the salon.

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