Need to Know

Everyone knows that healthy, shiny hair is important; but there’s more to hair than just making sure it looks good. It’s something that you care for everyday. You keep it hydrated, clean, go in for the standard trim, or maybe try a trending new hue. Your hair (or lack thereof) is a major part of your identity. It’s just one part of who you are!

Your MOvember Look

In honour of MOvember, lets take a look at our top 5 “favourite” mustache looks:

The Selleck
This classic moustache is wide, it is thick, and it is manly. This is your no-frills, that-better-be-beer-or-whiskey-you’re-drinking macho moustache. It is kept neat, and trim, and comes with either a tuxedo or Hawaiian shirt, like Magnum himself.

The Handlebar
This one you…