Salon Etiquette for the Client

Salon Etiquette for the Stylist

As a stylist, it is your job to make sure you are meeting all your client’s expectations and ensuring they leave with the best hair possible! There are definitely right and wrong ways to deliver this type of experience,
and you should try to follow some standard etiquette
1. Don’t be late
You expect…


Salon Etiquette for the Client

You probably don’t put too much thought into “salon etiquette” when you book your hair appointment.
However, when it comes to such etiquette, certain things can definitely make or break your experience.
If you want to have the best appointment, there are a few important guidelines that you should be following.
1. Don’t be late
It’s a simple and perhaps…

Origin of Aesthetics

Chaos reigns as we try to stave off the anarchy. Going a hundred miles a minute trying to keep up. Excessive worrying and stress filled thoughts. If men knew what our minds were like their heads would explode. Rife with solicitude and frustration. Everyday feeling as if you are in the midst of a horrific…