The Mohawk: Going Beyond Punk

When you hear the term “Mohawk”, what typically comes to mind? A skinny dude wearing a little too much eyeliner and pants that look spray painted on, perhaps? At one point in history, that was the typical stereotype of a person who rocked a hair style made famous by the punk genre of musical arts.…

Female Stars Rocking Shaved Heads

Typically, when you see someone with a shaved head it is a male, but have you noticed the string of female celebrities who have been shaving their heads? Remember the movie V for Vendetta with Natalie Portman? Portman shaved her head in order to play Evey in that film. In fact, Portman didn’t just shave her head, she shaved it as part of the movie. “She loved it and kept rubbing her head.” Says the Director James McTeigue of Portman and her new style. Portman definitely rocked the shaved head hairstyle for females everywhere.

Short and Sexy Summer Styles

Spring and summer brings in new style in clothes and hair. Hair is the crowning glory of women. Most women keep their hair long because they believe it adds femininity and sexiness. But there is a certain air of confidence when we see a woman with short hair. Five trending styles for this spring and summer are classic bob, asymmetrical bob, boys cut, pixie cut and undercut. A beautifully styled short hair whether it’s a Bob, Pixie or boy cut gives a different allure and mystery. The undercut gives the wearer an edgier and out of the box look.