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Hair styling with clay

Hair Styling Products and You – Clay!

Clay – sounds like something used for your garden fountain in the backyard or in the pottery studio downstairs. Nope! It’s one of the…


Our 1st hair renewal care for very damaged, over-processed hair….

The Undercut: Edgy Meets Clean

Men with very thick hair, straight, wavy or curly hair experience a hairstyling dilemma. For an edgier look this season, try the undercut hairstyle….

3 Funny Ways to Cover Up Baldness

For whatever reason, baldness is something people are terribly embarrassed of. Most people try desperately to cover their impending shiny round head with hats…

Hair Extensions Available at Dollhouse Hair Boutique!

Does your hair ever just stop growing at a certain length, but you wish it was longer? Are you growing your hair out but…

Embrace your hair this winter! Dollhouse Hair Boutique

Prepare yourselves, hair lovers – winter is coming! With the winter, comes the dry, dull, and frizzy hair that nobody likes to deal with….