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If your eyes are the gateway into your soul, then consider your eyebrows the gate keepers. They are first thing a person sees before glancing into your eyes (unless you don’t have any…see trend #8). With various styles becoming popular like bold, natural and more full looking brows, leave it to the internet to take things to the next level. Or in this case, the next NEXT level.

With the ‘insta-brow’ craze now in full affect the world is getting a glance into people’s eyebrow trend desires and we have to admit, some are editorial/high fashion wonderful and some, well some are just plan unthinkable. We’ve found the top 25 most unbelievable insta-brow trends that leave our jaws on the floor. Grab your pencils and tweezers because we are about to go on a very bump (or wavy…see trend #9) ride as our panel of beauty experts give their 2 cents on what we’re seeing on the brown scene.

  1. Mesh Brow – Just as it sounds. This trend has been seen with blocking eyebrows out completely and gluing a mesh stylized brow in its place or integrating a mesh material over top of the brow. Both, never going to happen in our world, but you enjoy!
  2. Bleached out Brow – This is giving us all the ‘children of the corn’ feels. This trend has made its way in high fashion runway shows and edgy editorials in the past and present and we say leave it on the catwalk.
  3. Feathered Brows – We wonder what Farrah Fawcett would say about this if she could bear witness? The 70s and 80s hair trend sees new life…but on the brow. While we think it is a creative twist on a past hair phenomenon – we’ll ‘birds of a feather flock together’ and leave ourselves out for now.
  4. Boxed Brows – While this looks more like a weird game of dominos for your eyebrows we don’t hate it. We predict this trend will hit mainstream when flying cars are a thing – unfortunately (or fortunately) we won’t be alive to see it. Bummer.
  5. Peacock Brows – This takes the phrase ‘peacocking’ to the next level. While there is something whimsical about this trend, we aren’t down for it to become a new mating ritual in the human world.
  6. Barbed Wire Brow – We have high hopes this trend will gain popularity on Orange is the New Black. But much like jail…we’ll try to avoid it at all costs.
  7. Dragon Brows – If feathered brows and barbed wire brows had a brow baby, this would be its love child. We bet they are a happy dysfunctional brow family.
  8. Shaved (alien) Brows – We are sure this trend is killing it in other areas of other galactic universes, we put our money on it actually. Unfortunately here in the Milky Way majority rules. We vote to keep our brows.
  9. Squiggly/Wiggly or Wavy Brows – While we can’t see ourselves sporting this trend, we would love to see a children’s cartoon series based around a friend circle of squiggly, wiggly and wavy brows. We might even start it ourselves…
  10. Braided Brows – We are getting all the black beauty stallion vibes from this trend and we aren’t hating it. Though we admittedly don’t think we’ll see this making any big waves at the next Kentucky Derby or across the pond at The Royal Ascot.
  11. Ponytail Brows – Like a pint size portion of Ariana Grande’s most favourite hairstyle on the side of your brows, this trend is not hitting any high notes for us. It’s literally off the charts…and not in a good way.
  12. Split Brows – While there may be a split in your eyebrow, there is no split here. We are all a unanimous NOPE.
  13. McD’s Arches Brows – We can’t lie, we decided to break and each got a Big Mac meal. We our unbiased opinions have been compromised. Pass.
  14. Lightening Brows – Brow trend or newest edition to the Marvel superheros crew? We expect to see this latest character in the next Avengers movie.
  15. Bedazzled Brows – Literally heating up a hot gun now. We are all over this – just deciding who of the group will be the first victim er volunteer.
  16. Festive Holiday Brows – Tis the season apparently for matching your brows to your Christmas Tree. Our only hope is this will replace the ugly holiday sweater party.
  17. Double or Triple Brows – We say leave layering to your Fall and Winter wardrobes, not your eyebrows.
  18. Next Level Thick Eyebrows – Yes if you are going as Ursula from The Little Mermaid, no if you are going as yourself into work on a normal day.
  19. Ombre & Rainbow Brows – We all agree, perfect for EDM music festivals, Burning Man or if you claim to be an edgy ‘starving artist’ – for the rest of us pedestrians we will just admire from afar.
  20. Fish Tail Brows – Most of us couldn’t keep fish alive as kids, so much like our passed water bound buddies…we’re gonna flush this one down the ol’ toilet.
  21. Halo Brow – We aren’t getting any angelic, heaven vibes from this. This trend might actually be hell on earth for some of us. Trust us, we will be praying this trend does not make it mainstream.
  22. Return of the 20s, Ultra Thin Brows – It’s okay to love the era and even swoon at Leonardo DiCaprio in the cinematic greatness that is the Great Gatsby (we all did) BUT, we say keep your brows vibing in the 21st Century. Full brows and a flapper dress – we can get down with that!

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